The manicula-project explores, for the first time in a systematic way, the whole corpus of Platonic and Aristotelian manuscripts which Nicholas of Cusa possessed and read. The aim of the project is to  produce a critical edition of all of Nicholas’ glosses and marginal notes to the Latin translations of Plato and Aristotle. The edition of Nicholas of Cusa’s marginalia will offer an essential new tool for interpreting Nicholas’ writings and intellectual development, providing insight into his reading practices. The project will also scrutinize, from an innovative perspective, Nicholas of Cusa’s relations to the intellectual currents of his time and to competing 15th-century models of appropriation of ancient philosophy. This project will enable a new reconstruction of Nicholas of Cusa’s reading chronology and understanding of the sources. Furthermore, the interpretative approaches evidenced by Nicholas of Cusa’s glosses will be placed in relation to the use of Platonic and Aristotelian works as testified in Nicholas’ own writings.